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Welcome to The Time We Shared

Alright, let’s unravel the mystery behind this photo. So, you see two faces, right? Well, surprise! There’s actually a third member in the frame: my mom, yours truly, and my dad, who just happened to be the one behind the lens. And let me tell you, this photo holds a special place in my heart. Why, you ask?

Picture this: I was a 4-year-old when my dad handed me a camera, and bam! Love was in the air, my friend. That little gadget felt like pure magic. Clicking away, freezing moments in time—it was the coolest thing ever. Imagine having the power to freeze time, capturing memories to revisit whenever you pleased.

Now, back in the ’80s, every kid dreamed of having superpowers. And guess what? In my own way, I became a ninja wedding photographer.

As for the when and where of all this magic? Well, that’s where you come in. Will you marry me? Wait, scratch that—will you let me be your wedding or family photographer? If your answer’s a resounding YES (fingers crossed!), then it’s all up to you—where and when the magic happens.

Sure, I’m based in Bristol, UK, but here’s the scoop: I LIVE for travel (it’s practically my dream). So, just give me a shout, and if we vibe (and, most importantly, if you dig my photography style), I’d be over the moon to be your ninja wedding photographer.

So, what do you say? Let’s capture those picture-perfect moments to treasure for years to come. And just so you know, that’s exactly how I look after snapping some killer shots—pure bliss, like enjoying a bowl of Oreo ice cream.

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Alright, picture this: close one eye (gotta keep the other on the screen!). Photography, for me, is like my morning coffee—I can't function without it. It's my time machine, whisking me back to relive moments and unlock memories that were tucked away. And hey, I'll make you a promise: I'll do the same for you. Let's capture those moments together, and I'll ensure they're preserved for you to cherish forever. ☕📸


I've got an awesome team of pros backing me up. Now, here's the scoop: I can totally hook you up with some killer video services. But let me level with you—I won't juggle both photography and videography at the same time. Why? Because to give you the absolute best, I've gotta be laser-focused on one craft at a time. But hold up, if you're after just video, no worries! Hit me up, and I'll be more than happy to dive into that with you. And hey, if you're looking for recommendations, I've got a solid list of the best videographers I work with that I can share with you. Let's make some movie magic happen! 🎥✨


Since my photography style leans towards documentary, heavy editing isn't really my thing. I'm all about capturing the authentic you without going overboard on the touch-ups. After all, who wants a heavily edited version of themselves that feels totally unrecognizable a few years down the line, right? But hey, that doesn't mean I won't give your photos some love and attention. Let's keep it real and let your true self shine through! 📸✨

Ninja Skills
Level of Caffeine on my Blood

Is your day, not mine.

Capturing other people’s memories is a serious responsibility, no doubt about it.

Part of my gig as a photographer is diving deep into the nitty-gritty details of your life, because every little thing that’s important to you matters to me.

When the big day rolls around, my job is to zero in on what truly matters to you. Because here’s the deal: those photographs? They’re not about me. They’re about you, your memories, your story.

That’s why it’s crucial for us to vibe, to have that connection, and for you to trust me and my instincts.

So, what do you say? Will you take a chance on me? Let’s make some magic together. 📸✨