Hey hello everybody!

Wow, this is the most complicate thing I have ever done…
Talk about my self, well let’s go (take a moment, breathe, go!)

This is me, Carmela from The Time We Shared and with this photo I will explain Why, When, Were and What… Ready?

So far there is two people in the photo, actually there are 3 people in the photo:
My mom, me and my dad (who was the photographer) and this photo is one of the reason of Why.

Why photography?
When I was like 4 years old, my dad gave me a camera and boom! The love was in the air and that little thing was magical. I was able to click and freeze the time, what a cool thing. Being able to freeze the time, keep memories and check them every time that I wanted it.
As a almost every child in the 80´s to have superpowers was a big thing and in some sort, I already got them… A Ninja Wedding Photographer.

When that is happening?
Actually here I have no control, you have to tell me. Would you marry me? I mean… would you like me to be your wedding/family photographer??
So if you answer is YES (please be yes!) the Were and When is up to you.

I am based in Bristol, UK but I LOOOOOVEEEEE to travel (that is part of my Dream) so just let me know and if we like each other (but most important) if you like my photography style.
I would be soooooo happy to be your Ninja Wedding Photographer

What would you like to do??

Ahh yes, take the best photos to build your memories for the years to come.
That is also me after taking some photos but believe, I love this job more than Oreo Ice Cream…
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