Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you have a small guidance.


A Visual Legacy Creator is someone (me in this case) who will work to capture important moments on a special day in your life.
This could be a Wedding, a family session with your loves ones, or even some photos you want to be taken.
This as result could be part of your future visual legacy for the generations to come, I still have my grandparents pictures on paper (print your photos, they have magical effects) and every time I grab a photo it’s feels different.
I remember when I was a child my Dad had his camera with him, but also when I look at videos from friends… that is part of our future memories. We need to care about it.

I am super happy to answer this question, this might be important for you to know but also it’s great for me to answer.
With Weddings, I have different packs. that can cover your day as you wish, but before to provide any price.
I recommend to have a meeting, so we can discuss what do you need but most importan, if we fit. 

There are so many talented photographers in the market, but not everyone connect with each other.
I mentioned in one of the points that before to accept any enquiry (any session) I just meet you (by FaceTime, in Person, Zoom…) but this is important.
Some times people laugh when I explain this part but this is quite simple, if we don’t like each other, I will be a problem in your special day so we need to connect.
I use to announce myself as a ninja photographer but not sure if that is the right title, I will be invisible for you that day and in order to achieve that we must connect.
Will all the pre work done, I will be able to know who is important, what you don’t like and what can’t be miss, we will have meetings, we will connect and then in your day I will be invisible, with the ability to capture your future memories.

I will go on my own as your main photographer, if your event has less than 150 guests but I work close with a great group of different creatives in case you need more support.
Videography, Drone, Wedding Planners…

I am based in Bristol, UK but I am super happy to travel anywhere.

I even have a project to take 80 Weddings in 80 Different Countries so if you are reading this from a different place than UK please, do not hesitate to contact me because travel is one of my passions.