Wedding Packs

What we offer

How would you like your memories to be seen?


My name is Carmela and I love to “make” memories for people, that is essentially my job.
I was really lucky when I was a child because my father was a photographer, having the opportunity to travel to all my childhood memories with his photos brings me joy every time.
Also I am able to live those moments whatever and whatever I want it (kind of a super power!)

In a moment you will see the different Wedding Packs I provide, those packs are part of my experience as a photographer but also part of what I know is important for you to have your wedding covered.

There is always option to include more extras on each pack, like another photographer, extra hour, an album… but we can talk about that after you choose your pack, mean while, please do not hesitate to contact me as many times you need.


You will be able to have as many meetings as you want, in person or by FaceTime.

Engagement Session

A great way to feel the camera is having a engagement session before your wedding, you will see me in action and have great photos before your big day.


All the pre-work we have done is vital for this day, so you won't see me (remember I am a ninja) I will be there capturing all your memories.


Each Wedding has an Online private gallery, you can share it with all your loves ones and have it as a back up, apart from that, I will provide a beautiful box with 30 pictures and USB.


If you are interested on video or even have some highlights of your wedding day, we can discuss that in our meeting. Drone footage could be provide as well on request.


Transport include in a ratio of 20 miles from Bristol, but I am super happy to travel anywhere for you, check my Dream project if you want to know a bit more of this,

"We are so grateful for Carmela´s photos, we are able to recover every moment of our wedding by just looking the pictures."
"We share our wedding with family and friends
Carmela was able to join us and celebrate our love like she was part of us."

Once Upon a Time


Engagement or Trash the Dress.

12 Hours of Wedding Covered.

Getting ready photos.

Family Formal Portaits.

Private Online Gallery with 600-800 photos.

30 Prints on a Wooden Box.

Happy Ever After


10 Hours of Wedding Covered.

Getting ready photos.

Family Formal Portaits.

Private Online Gallery with 500 photos.

30 Prints on a Wooden Box.

Live, Laugh, Love.


6 Hours Wedding Covered


Entrance to Venue, Cut the Cake and First Dance.

Private Online Gallery with 300 photos.

30 Prints on a Wooden Box.

Small Wedding


2 Hours Wedding Covered


Portraits around Ceremony Location. 

Private Online Gallery with 100 photos.


– All packs include a photo gallery without COPYRIGHT.
– We can have as many meeting and talks as you need.
– If you are looking for an Engagement, Pre-Wedding Party or Trash the Dress, the price for each session is £499 and will be maximum a 2 hours session.
– An extra photographer will be £350, this is really important if you have more than 150 guest, so we can cover more, as my priority will be you and your close friends and family.
– Transport include in a ratio of 20 miles from Bristol.

If you had read until here, thank you so much for your time.