Wedding Packs

How would you like your memories to be seen?

Hey there!
I'm Carmela, and let me tell you, I'm all about crafting those unforgettable moments for people—that's my jam!
So, picture this: as a kid, I hit the jackpot because my dad was this epic photographer. Seriously, flipping through his snaps takes me right back to the good ol' days, and it's like unlocking a treasure trove of memories every single time. Talk about a superpower, am I right?
Now, fast forward to today, and I'm stoked to be in the biz of capturing those magic moments for others. It's like I've inherited this awesome legacy of creating memories, and I couldn't be more psyched about it.
Alright, so here's the deal: I've got these rad Wedding Packs lined up for you. They're not just your run-of-the-mill photo packages—they're designed to make sure your big day is captured in all its glory.
And hey, if you wanna kick things up a notch with extras like another photographer, extra hours, or a killer album, we can totally make it happen. But let's chat about that once you've picked your pack. In the meantime, hit me up anytime with questions or if you just wanna shoot the breeze.
Can't wait to be part of your epic day!


You will be able to have as many meetings as you want, in person or by FaceTime.

Engagement Session

Here's a fun idea to get comfortable in front of the camera: why not schedule an engagement session before your wedding? It's like a sneak peek into what to expect on your big day, plus you'll get some awesome photos to cherish beforehand. Trust me, it's a win-win!


All the pre-work we have done is vital for this day, so you won't see me (remember I am a ninja) I will be there capturing all your memories.


Each Wedding has an Online private gallery, you can share it with all your loves ones and have it as a back up, apart from that, I will provide a beautiful box with 30 pictures and USB.


If you are interested on video or even have some highlights of your wedding day, we can discuss that in our meeting. Drone footage could be provide as well on request.


Transport include in a ratio of 20 miles from Bristol, but I am super happy to travel anywhere for you, check my Dream project if you want to know a bit more of this,

"We are so grateful for Carmela´s photos, we are able to recover every moment of our wedding by just looking the pictures."
"We share our wedding with family and friends
Carmela was able to join us and celebrate our love like she was part of us."

All Day Cover + Highlights


+12 Hours of Wedding Covered.

Getting ready photos.

Family Formal Portaits.

Private Online Gallery with +800 photos.

Video Highlights of the day (Reel style, max 3 minutes long)

30 Prints on a Wooden Box.

Till First Dance


10 Hours of Wedding Covered.

Getting ready photos.

Family Formal Portaits.

Entrance to Venue, Cut the Cake and First Dance

Private Online Gallery with 500 photos.

30 Prints on a Wooden Box.

Save the Day.


6 Hours Wedding Covered


Entrance to Venue, Cut the Cake and First Dance.

Private Online Gallery with 300 photos.

Just Us


2 Hours Wedding Covered


Portraits around Ceremony Location. 

Private Online Gallery with 100 photos.

Video Reel


Video Highlights of the day (Reel style, max 3 minutes long)



  • Each pack comes with a photo gallery.
  • We’re all about communication! Feel free to schedule as many meetings and chats as you need.
  • Looking to add some extra flair to your special moments? Whether it’s a proposal, engagement, pre-wedding party, or even some breathtaking aerial shots, we’ve got you covered starting from £699 per session. Just keep in mind, these sessions are available on weekdays and last a maximum of 2 hours.
  • Need an extra set of lenses to capture all the action? No problem! An additional photographer can be added for £499. Especially handy if you’ve got a big guest list exceeding 120 people, ensuring we capture every moment, with a focus on you and your nearest and dearest.
  • Transportation is included within a 20-mile radius from Bristol.

If you’ve made it this far, a big thank you for taking the time!